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Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, we're still dealing with diarrhea issues. The two little does that made it yesterday have been struck down again. One is very touch and go, the other I believe will be fine.

I made an emergency run to the grocery store and brought back peptobismol & Breyer's fruit on the bottom yogurt.

I grabbed the little rew doe, Thing 1, and gave her a few drops of the pepto to dry up the diarrhea. Then I forced a few tenths of a cc of yogurt in to her- she wasn't a fan. I hate to give the yogurt now, sugar isn't the best thing for an animal with diarrhea, but I HAVE to get her sugar up and get some energy in to her. Under the circumstances, it's probably the best thing to give her.

I placed a bowl of water chock full of vitamins and electrolytes in to her cage. She's not drinking, so in another ten minutes or so, I'll force some of that in to her as well. She's also got some hay if she decides she feels snackish.

I'll continue forcing the yogurt and water in to her, with the possible addition of baby food as well, until she either passes away or gets better.

It's a rough time here right now- these two sick, losing Thing 2 yesterday and having a doe give birth early- all 5 of her babies were failure to revives. I found them as I went to give her a nestbox. How awful is that?

I guess things have been going way too good recently. *sigh*

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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Hi Kristen,

I am sorry that you have to go through such a bad time at the moment. And I hope that this is an appropriate time to cheer things up a little.

I have been following your blog for a while and would love to pass you an award. The BRILLANTE WEBLOG award.

Thank you so much for sharing all the information on your precious blog.

Please pick the award up at http://truluvrabbitry.wordpress.com.

God Bless always.

Tim @ TLR