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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Herd Reduction-

Wooley Booger's Blizzard- REW sr. English Angora Buck
Blizzard has such nice wool! Unfortunately, I hacked him up for Summer because it's hot and he was webbing. He's got excellent lines, and is absolutely beautiful in coat!

Wooley Booger's Gracie- Black Sr. Angora Doe- 2 legs with limited showing,very slight possiblity she's bred. Will provide information on Blizzard, in case she does kindle.

Will make a deal for the pair.

Keep's Gorgeous- smoke pearl sr. doe
She won her class as a 2 month old. I love this girl, out of Tula's Place Krys x FFR's Smooth Mover. She has been started, but lost her first litter. I'd like to see a bit more width to her body, but she's got nice depth, a very nice head- I thought she was a buck as a baby. She's a great size- not a BUD but not tiny like her daddy either. Great open ears! She does not have tassles.

HF's October- Black Tort Sr. Holland Lop- proven

Yeah, she's back. I still LOVE this doe, she's beautiful, but I am going to have to cut down. Great bone, beautiful top line, nice head, very slightly slipped in her crown, she's not tiny, but not a BUD. Definitely a must-see doe.

HHR's Wish Upon a Star-Mini Lop- Chinchilla senior doe.

This girl has lines and lines and lines! I'd like to see more width to her. Is proven! A picture & information can be seen on Sarah's doe page, about halfway down.


Keep's ?
2 Mini Lop bucks, Chestnut & Broken Chestnut
1 Mini Lop doe, Broken Chestnut - Fatboy's Kris (4 legs) x Fatboy's Tyson
Kris has an AMAZING body but is lacking in the head. Tyson's got a better head, and a good body. This litter has 7 babies, I made my first cull and these three, for better or worse, are the ones I'm letting go. I probably shouldn't, but oh well, we'll see! One of the bucks is definitely lacking in depth, one chops off at the butt. I probably should hold on to all these guys a few more weeks, but I've got too many babies.

3 Pregnant Female Degu- ACCEPTING OFFERS, everything considered.


I recently purchased an English Angora. She was accidentally pregnant by a GC Jersey Wooley when she arrived. Her kits will be available as pets. If you are interested in a "pocket angora", please email me. NO, they will not come with pedigrees. NO "pocket angora" is not a new breed. These are mutt rabbits. Five are available.

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