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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Loss of a Baby

Well, we experienced our first heat loss today.

I came home from work yesterday and went straight in to the rabbitry to check on a doe who was due, but hasn't had her babies yet.

Tim noticed one of my up and coming wooley babies looking strange- her bottom half was covered in diarrhea. We quickly washed her off, I took out two other siblings who were showing signs of distress and everyone came inside to the air conditioned house. They got water and hay, but it was too late for the first baby. She passed away sometime this morning.

The other two babies are doing very well! I just hate we did so well all summer and now we lose one!

At least it could have been worse- we could have lost all three of the little girls. I just hate we couldn't save "Thing 2". :(

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