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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Meaty Breed

Yep, it's finally going to happen!

Meat breeds are going to be coming to Keep's Rabbitry.

I'm planning on getting a trio of New Zealands or Californians (or a mix) and colony raising them for meat and fur.

I'll be giving more details and pictures of their set up as it unfolds. I've found a butcher and may have meat, pelts or parts for BARF diet dogs available in the future. It is my hope and my plan that very, very little of the animal will not be used for some purpose!

I am hoping to get their pen set up in the next few days, which will mean I have to rearrange my rabbitry a bit. We're going to be slightly crammed in, I have a feeling, but I think I know where to put the extras.

Keep's Rabbitry

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