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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Goodbye Mongo

Yesterday, my pet flemish giant, Mongo, was playing in his pen. The neighbor's husky got loose for the first time ever and my best guess is he saw this big guy and thought he'd found a new friend. :( Tim brought me outside and I found Mongo literally seconds before he passed away. I do believe it was a quick, accidental death.

This was our first dog attack and it could have been so much worse- the rabbitry was standing open because it's hot here and we wanted to make sure they got good air flow.

Our neighbor came over and apologized so many times for what had happened. She offered to pay for a replacement Mongo, acknowledging that money wouldn't make it better. To me though, it was the apology that mattered the most. I was so worried that she, like so many people, would have treated his death as insignificant. Nothing about Mongo was insignificant. Survivor of a dog attack at the home of his breeder in Pennsylvania, it's cruel irony that he should fall to a dog here.

Mongo has a place in the yard near our garden, overlooking the large field beyond our house. The sky was gorgeous last night, dressed in pinks and blues, the mountains dark against it's radiance. I think it's a spot he'd have approved of. We placed a temporary flower with him, to be replaced by a large living bush or plant, a memorial to him.

Goodbye Mongo. You have memorials in three states. I didn't get to know you as well as I would have liked, but know you were special to me, to Whitney and especially to Krys.

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Briana Brown said...

:( Wow...that is really sad. You kinda made me wanna cry. lol