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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pushing Through A Molt

I'm trying to throw my show rabbits into a molt.

Why you ask? Have I lost my mind you ask? Maybe. It's a gamble for sure.

I have several juniors and a few seniors that are showing signs of starting to molt a little. Not much, it's the kind of molt where you hold your breath and pray that they won't go full blown until the day after the show.

My luck doesn't run that way.

So, I've put these special show bunnies on the Purina Professional food. It's 18%, which I'm hoping, combined with the newest heat wave, will be enough to send them in to a molt and bring them back out of it before July 19th, the next show.

If I gambled and lose, then half my line up is going to be so open in coat they might as well be bald. However, if it works, I should have some VERY nice looking bunnies up there competing!

We'll see what happens, so far so good!

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