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Sunday, June 22, 2008


I had a friend, Whitney of Suburban Bunnies in Virginia come visit. SO MUCH FUN!

There is nothing better than having someone come visit! She got the grand tour of the rabbitry, the cats entertained her, the dogs jumped on her and she got to see all the ratties, degu and our turtle!

In return, she brought down a pet flemish and an English Angora from Krys in PA! Wow! New bunnies!

She also brought down a Belgian Hare! Oh man, what a great breed! Bandit was curious, funny, sweet, potty trained- POTTY TRAINED! It took me a while to get used to the long limbs, long ears and long face, but wow! Hares are definitely a breed I'd consider getting a pet of! Tim really liked him as well- I can't imagine what he'll say when he finds out I didn't steal Bandit from Whitney before she went home!

This is yet another thing I LOVE about rabbit showing! I have friends in states across the country and I get to make friends with folks who live nearby- well if you consider 8 hours nearby :). We're making plans to go visit her! EEEK! :)

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