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Monday, June 2, 2008

Fly Predators

News from the Rabbitry!

We recently ordered Fly Predators from Spalding Labs. I'm a little anxious, because I don't want to replace one pest problem with another, but the flies are terrible! Even with 100% freshly scrubbed cages & fly strips, the little biting buggers are thick and obnoxious!

So, after letting the predators sit for a few days, until movement was evident, I sprinkled them out today! I'll keep you guys updated about how I like them- hopefully they work.

Supposedly, the fly predators take care of the flies before they become a problem, by targeting fly eggs in the manure. We do have a few small places where cages spilled over and we weren't able to get it completely up, so I put a liberal sprinkling on those places, as well as in our deep sterilite containers. The last few went in pans under does with babies. Since manure piles up there quicker, they had a little more to work with than some of the others.

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