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Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello and Goodbye!

I picked up three adorable jersey woolies from a friend Sunday. Two are gorgeous GCs, a REW and a tan pattern. The other is the absolute cutest little blue doe I've ever seen- daughter of a tan pattern doe I rehabbed. I am thrilled to death to have them all!

And yep, that means we're starting tan patterns in Keep's Rabbitry! The doe is bred to a black otter, so I can't wait to see what we get and how they turn out!

I also waved a happy farewell to a brood doe today. She was a good looking brood, but will be going as a classroom pet for first graders! I think she'll enjoy her new life of petting and pampering! We have a daughter to replace her.

It's exciting to bring in new animals, but always a little sad to say goodbye to the ones you have to let go to make room. *sigh*

Stay tuned for more holland brood does. I'll also be having some mini lops available in a few weeks :)

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