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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tales from the Rabbitry

Sorry for such a late night blog (again). I'm working some funky hours right now!

Sooooooo I went out to check on Wooligans Nerissa's (JW) babies and her foster mini lop (from Barabas Abby). All doing great! The woolies were born early this morning, and the mini lop was born last night.

I do the rounds- Wooligans Raleigh (JW) isn't doing crap, Tula's Place Krys (JW) in the back has left the hay IN her nestbox, instead of moving it to another corner like last night- and Hoppin's Alexis isn't doing anything.

Then I notice a hunk of fur pulled from Alexis's body, lying near the nestbox. I walk to the back of the cage- nope, nest is empty. I look at her and see blood on her back toes. Hmmmmm......

I run back to the front of the cage, just in time to see her first baby born on the wire. I run in to get Tim, then come back to watch her give birth to *I think* 6 more. We scooped up the bloody little wriggly creatures and I get her nestbox out and supplement with other fur, putting HER pulled fur on top. Then I remove the 1 dead semi-unformed baby sad.gif.

After all that, I give Abby a head rub and run a hand down in her nestbox- I left it in with her because she's SO WEIRD- she's the one that went to Day 38, and she's been playing around in it.

To my surprise- I find another baby! ALIVE and full size, not runty like the other. I run my hand in to the box again and find a second live one at the front!!

Plus, Krys is still pulling fur!

So I have babies! 2 of the 4 have kindled, with another one nesting! I haven't had those results in quite a while! I'm ecstatic! I can barely function right now!

PLUS these are first time litters in my barn for Alexis and Nerissa! I'm just thrilled in general and so happy I just happened to walk out to the barn when I did!

Keep's Rabbitry

1 comment:

Qadoshyah said...

Congrats on the litters :). Good thing to walked out to the barn when you did :).

Alexis should be a good mama . . . her dam out here was always a great mother. Her dam is one of my retired girls, Truffle.

~ Qadoshyah