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Friday, June 27, 2008

Super Huge Baby Overload

Oh yes, I have a super huge baby overload right now! Mini Lops, Jersey Woolies, Holland lops, you name it, I've got it!!

What, you think I'm kidding? We had four more born today, with quite a few does due in the beginning of July!

Our kit count right now is 28 live and happy babies. We've lost around 10 due to mother neglect or failure to thrive. So we've had almost 40 babies born here recently! It looks like our bad luck has ended! Thank you so much Purina! I credit changing back to this feed.

Unfortunately, in some of the larger litters, like my 7 mini lops, I'll be petting out 2 soon, to bring the number I want to grow out a little longer down. So if you're interested in a pet mini lop, let me know! They are out of excellent lines, but pedigrees will not be available with them. :)

Also, keep an eye out for more senior animals being listed for sale! After all, I've got to make room for these babies somehow! I've been lucky, I've petted out two animals, sold a herd buck and presold two does, available after their litters. So I'm getting a fair number of holes emptied, but the babies keep coming on fast! NOT that I am complaining, I wouldn't dream of it! I wish I could hang on to everyone until 6 months.

In other baby news- our AKC Mini Dachshund female appears to be pregnant. Puppies should come around the first of August and will be AKC registerable! For a full payment, I will hold the pups until Convention, but more on that later, when the pups are actually born.

Ahh, I'm headed out to the rabbitry to check on the next round of mamas! :) Hope your nestboxes are as full as mine!

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