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Friday, May 30, 2008

Rogue Kits

We have a situation in the Rabbitry.

One of the holland does has two broken tort kits. Every day, at least twice a day, we're finding one kit in the floor. Now, these are babies. Extreme babies. We're talking a week old!

So, at first I said "Ok, my fault, they aren't in a baby saver cage." So I moved the whole group over to a cage that has urine guards. Then, I found him out again! So I said "ok, the nestbox must be too low". So I remade a nice, deep nest in a good nestbox.

They are still escaping. The only thing we can guess is that Mama Bunny is kicking them out of the box by accident, with such force, they are going over the urine guards!

We've got them all in a super large plastic bottom cage. Hopefully it will be enough to keep our rogue babies home until they are old enough not to need the nestbox!

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