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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Aftermath

Wow, being gone for a while means some issues- for instance, the cages all need to be cleaned! ALL of them! UGH!

Since I've been gone, the flies have come out in full force! Time to break out the fly strips.

Some of my babies have popped out of the nestbox, others are waiting patiently to be born.

I did find that Miss Muffet had some trouble kindling yesterday. She had 1 DOA and 1 stuck baby- the poor girl had to pull it out herself and it was ripped and partially eaten. After a rest, I'll try her again.

We brought home some new does yesterday! I can't wait to go through and evaluate them, and start the breeding! We got two bred yesterday, including the long awaited Zapp x Ms. Lady match! She produced 3 babies the first time, but this was during the period of time something got into my rabbitry and stole the babies out of the nestboxes!

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