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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Knoxville, TN

I sent in entries to go to the Knoxville, TN show today.

I'd like you to all note that it is 8:57 am and I appear to still be in North Carolina.

I woke at 5am and lay in bed playing the "should I go game". I don't normally do that, because I hate sending in entries and then not showing up- it throws off the show! Not terribly bad, but still!

Anyway, I was lying in bed, in the dark, weighing my options- how would I feel later today? Would it just kill Tim tomorrow? How excited am I about showing who I have in coat?

I think it all came down to- I'm sick of traveling. We were gone last week to my hometown (3 1/2 hours away) to see family. Then, Monday we went off again (1 1/2 hours) to pick up some cages with Malena. I'm not a good traveler. I get antsy after about 30 minutes in the car, and I'm notorious for falling asleep after rabbit shows (which makes Tim sleepy, then he jerks the car around...)

So, I talked myself out of going, which proved not to be a bad idea, since my stomach wasn't feeling happy with me not long afterwards.

It makes me sad that I didn't get to see my rabbit buddies and show around different competition. I think I'm going to end up regretting not going :(.

On a side note- gas has hit $3.79 in some places around here- eeeeek, I may be cutting more shows than I'd like to!

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Sunny Brook Rabbitry said...

Hi Kristen;

I just had to comment I wish we were only $3.79 here in British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island. We are $5.20 here now!!!!

Kim Posey