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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Show Results!

Oh wow, LONG day, the show took until 6pm- for a DOUBLE! wacko.gif

In order of showing lol:

Show A

Holland Lops:

Mrs. Lady- SSD- 1/4- ARGH! So close to a leg!

Bart- BSB- 1/4- BOSV! Yay!
Zapp- BSB- 2/4- lost to Bart on Condition! Aw man! So close to that last leg lol

Jersey Woolies:

Keep's Forest- Self Sr. Buck- 1/3- BOG- BOSB! EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! 1st leg

Keep's ?- Shaded Jr. Buck- 2/2- he didn't molt that crappy baby fur out lol. BAH! He's working on it, that's all she faulted him on.

Show B

Jersey Woolies:

Forest- 1/3 ( I tried to take him off, I thought he had placed second..oops)- BOSG- BOSB! EEEEEEEEK! 2nd leg

Keep's ?- Shaded Jr. Buck- 1/2- BOG! EEEK! lol


Ms. Lady- 5/5 (wtf? lol so confused now)

Bart- 1/4- BOSV! Yayy lol
Zapp- 2/4

So it was a very nice day! :)

Keep's Rabbitry

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