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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Still waiting

We're still waiting on some does to pop! ERGH!

Two holland does, both broken torts and both in the same stacker have started digging around in their nestboxes. Could it be?! Then again, they are both 4 days overdue at this point. I've been very disappointed with my convention breedings, to be honest. Only 3 babies out of a TON of does due.

Thanks to Nita for transporting two of our woolies up to Ohio, they are going to live the good life in PA!

I've also only got 1 California mini lop buck left who is for sale. I also have an Opal mini lop doe.

It's so nice to see empty cages in the rabbitry! I've got to clean the cages out, then do some separating. :D. I have some holland babies ready to be weaned.

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woolies said...

Hi - just stumbled on your blog. I have a friend with a fiber farm (goats, sheep) but has a few angora bunnies. One just miscarried 3 babies, has never carried to term. Not sure what she may be doing wrong....
Your bunnies are too cute. We've had bunnies, but it's really hard to keep them out here due to the heat.