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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Day of Do Overs

Ahh it's a day of do overs here.

I'm going to be rebreeding several does that obviously didn't take last month. I'm disappointed in the breeding rate. Half palp'd positive, but I only got two litters. Hmm- either my palpating skills are that bad, or they reabsorbed for some goofy reason. :( Either way, it makes me sad.

I'm going to be scrubbing cages as well- oh hooray. Always good times! They need it though, and since none of my friends love me enough to just come do it for me, guess it's up to me!

I need to separate out some babies from their Mamas. That's always fun, the moms look relieved and the babies look angry lol.

I've also got to figure out my entries for the show Saturday. I'm glad I wrote this blog, it just occurred to me! Ahhhhhhhh busy busy.

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