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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Holland Sell Out-

Sorry for the heartattack guys, this isn't my sell out, I'm posting this for a friend :)

One REW buck out of Sugarplums. Nice head and body.

One tort buck Bull Dog he won at (NC) convention.

A doe and her baby a little of line breeding. She is Bull Dogs half sister. They baby is really looking nice.

Another tort doe out of a Saynora doe. She need butt, has great fur and rich color.

Thorne a small buck out of Mary Justice stuff produces nice babies with the next doe.

October out of Alison’s (HF's) stuff. Nice doe body and head, good Mom.

Cracker son of Crazy Bentley one leg. Nice buck, he is broken nice dark tort colors.

Tim one of Alison’s out of Yankee Doodle lines. He is still a Jr.

Brendle out of LL Brendan and Levi out of Gendales of PA. his lines go back to Lov’s

If interested, contact Joan Polley at poleywogs@yahoo.com

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