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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Upcoming Show!

My next show is going to be in Mocksville, on the 19th. I have a feeling that my show entries are going to be slim pickins though.

I've got two does, one with a pair of legs and one with 4 (including a BIS) that are due 9 days before the show. With luck, they'll have to stay home and take care of their litters. I am, however, tempted to take my first BIS doe with me and see if she's still in good enough condition to win a few legs- and hope that the stress of the show puts her in to baby-making mode!

I've got some pre-juniors that don't need to go to the show, and a junior wooley that has been chewed on, so he can't come either. I do have one junior I'll get to take for his first showing! YAYY! I'm not expecting huge results for him though, his mama really bloomed as a young senior.

I think the bucks are going to rule the day- I've got three mini lops bucks to take, two of whom are brothers and I need to decide between. I've already got an inquiry on the one I don't keep, and I've been keeping her waiting for long enough, I feel. I may take my broken sable point holland buck, but he's such a young junior that I may change my mind about that- competition in hollands around here is awesome, and especially in the buck department! Assuming my agouti wooley gets his wool cap back, I may take him for fun as well :).

Ahh well, it might be a nice change to not have a ton of animals in a ton of classes! Heck, I may even bring my little lionhead buck and give him another spin around the table. He took two BOBs in his first three shows!

This is of course, assuming that the weather stays nice! We won't be able to drive 2 hours in a snow and ice storm lol.

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