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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Like a greased pig...

I was reminded today why we don't use poison in our rabbitry.

Tim & I went out to feed and one of the junior Jersey Woolies had escaped her cage. Tim managed to get a hand on her fairly quickly, but she squealed- so he dropped her! *sigh*

We engaged in a 10 minute game of Tag, You're It! She ran one way, I followed, he tried to head her off, she ducked, dodged and weaved... man, I'm glad we don't have to survive by running down rabbits for food!

Once, she ran right through my legs, edged past him and headed towards the open door! Talk about having a heart attack!

We finally caught her and installed her in a new cage. She unfortunately was able to open her own cage, though usually we found her sitting by the open door waiting for us. I guess this time she got tired of waiting on us. Unfortunately, she enjoyed her freedom a little too much!

I'm happy to report that all the rabbits seem to be doing well on their new food.

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