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Friday, January 11, 2008

Showing Purchased Rabbits

I show purchased rabbits. I'm not ashamed of it and I never will be.

If I purchase a rabbit as a show quality animal, I'm absolutely going to want to get other opinions on it, especially on potential faults and as a way to see if I missed anything when I evaluated the animal.

Some people choose not to show purchased animals, and that is entirely their choice.

However, I recently saw a friend post a Sell-Out list. When I asked her why, I was shocked to hear it was because some people couldn't take it that she was showing rabbits she purchased. The biggest problem they had with it, I think, was that she was winning.

I'm sorry- wait, what? A breeder is upset because someone bought great stock and wants to show it? It boggles the mind.

Nothing prevents anyone from purchasing rabbits. We all breed with the goal that one day, we'll produce nationally competitive rabbits, and- dare we dream- win BOB at a National Convention. So, when someone is so afraid of competition and has so little faith in their stock that they drive off an excellent, kind hearted breeder because they are showing purchased stock- well that is just pathetic.

If I buy an animal that doesn't have enough legs to grand, should I not show it ever because I didn't breed it? Absolutely not! Even if that rabbit has three legs, if I feel like showing the animal, I'm going to! I wouldn't expect anyone else to act any differently.

Now, this is absolutely different from ONLY buying animals to win, and not trying to breed your own- but still, if this is what you do, it's your business. There is nothing anyone can do about it.

Nothing is more rewarding than winning with a homebred, but speaking from experience, winning with a rabbit you purchased as a young junior is pretty sweet too. It speaks to your "eye" for the rabbits, for choosing a nice creature, for keeping it in excellent condition.

A doe of mine, The Nature Trail's Miss Muffet, got her first leg, beating out rabbits her breeder had brought. When I congratulated Laurie on breeding her, she waved it off and told me I was the one responsible for getting her in and keeping her in winning conditioning, all she did was breed the rabbit.

What a great attitude to have.

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Tabitha said...

I agree! I show purchased rabbits. In fact, I was told by the breeder that I bought one of my last ones from to show it like crazy until it grands. I see nothing wrong with showing purchased rabbits. I was in 4-H and showed livestock...everyone showed purchased livestock. I don't see how it's any different.

Lana said...

Well said Kristen.

Fatboy said...

I totally agree, there's nothing wrong with. "It's none of anyone's business if I bought a rabbit or raised it." It's mine. I seen the post and I replied to it also. If someone wins with something I sell or give away, I'm just as happy. Some breeders need to get a life !!!!