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Monday, January 28, 2008

Money Money Money

I had to wave good-bye to $60 today.

We purchased two bags of feed, two bags of shavings and a large bag of alfalfa cubes. The feed is a necessity, the shavings are too, especially when we had to skimp during our huge cage cleaning day last week and the alfalfa cubes are something new I want to try.

I have several does that enjoy gnawing on their cages, the buns beside them, their food dish, water bottles- you get the picture. In fact, one of the does has managed to chip a tooth doing this. I can't have that happening!

So, in lieu of free hay, which they seem to scatter around the cage and on the floor, I've decided to try alfalfa cubes. So far they are a big hit! Several have started tossing them around their cages, throwing them in to their food cups- in fact, I'm considering making a bunny basketball team. The Carolina Bunninators- colors Carolina blue and white of course ;).

My hope is that the alfalfa will put a little more flesh on the rabbits, while providing them toys and non-wire related gnawing opportunities. They seem to have grown tired of their plastic cat toys.

In other news, I had a pet buyer not bother to show up to pick up her rabbit. Always a good time! It's all right though, I have another buyer lined up and I think this one is a better fit anyway. Maybe the best thing that could have happened for this bunny was being unclaimed today.

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