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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lionhead SELL OUT


Roy's Fussy- tort senior doe
Fussy is not proven 100%. Her first litter was born dead and you all know my luck with babies, so she has not had another litter for me yet. She's a cute, small doe out of GREAT lines. Not a mean doe, very cute. $50

Roy's Tiny Thomas- tort senior buck
This little guy has 2 junior BOBs- and I've only shown him three times. Yeah, he's that cute. Still has a very nice mane as a senior. Very clean skirt & mane, a nice small guy with cute, short, open ears, a nice body and a nice width to his head. Hate to see him go, but they were a side project anyway. Again, out of excellent lines. $75.

Will sell the pair of lionheads together for $110.

Why am I selling out the lionheads?

Well- they are animals I flirted with breeding, to be honest. I loved Tiny Thomas as a baby and he was offered to me by his wonderful breeder Nita. I brought them home, I piddled, I piddled, I piddled again- and today I realized. These animals are too nice to be stuck in a second rate lionhead breeding program. They could really be doing something for someone else's herd. I'll have two empty holes, just on the off chance I ever get any more babies, and someone will have a nice pair of animals from one of the top breeders of lionheads in our area.

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