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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feed Troubles

I'm more than a little bit upset with our feed store.

I feed Purina blue bag and it's been a very good feed for me. Usually I can get it consistently, it keeps the animals in good condition...it's a little pricey, but I can deal with that.

However, several weeks ago we noticed our feed store was getting low on the blue bag. I was assured they had ordered more. Well, the next time we went, nope, no blue bag feed had come in the shipment. We got the comment "Oh our supplier apparently decided not to work since it's near New Years".

To begin with, and at the risk of sounding like a total witch- that's not my problem. My problem is 40 hungry rabbits who need to keep on a consistent diet, or risk illness. But what can you do? So, we grabbed some of the Pet Chow, the green bag of Purina, which is almost as good and can be used without proper transitioning. It keeps them in similar condition and is a great stop-gap against waiting a week for a new shipment.

We go to get food last week and "Oh, they just didn't send any blue bag. They sometimes like to liquidate almost everything the have so they won't be taxed on inventory". Again, this is NOT my problem. Frankly, if I were the feed store, I'd be going with a new supplier. We had troubles with them at first, because every time we went to get feed, the price fluctuated- sometimes by several dollars.

It was when we were charged $15 for a bag of feed that had cost us $12 the previous week that I got ugly and we got a price stabilized, written down in ink. We were told that the price fluctuated because the supplier changed the price weekly. I accepted this extremely strange explanation.

Now, when I buy feed, I buy it for me, recommend it to pet people and even will tell them where I get it- all for free. This is free advertising for the feed store. We've dealt with these people because the feed is cheaper and it's closest. But I'm sick of excuses. I want my feed. If they can't get it for me, I'll go elsewhere, I'll take my referrals with me and I don't feel too inclined to inform them of this change to save them on ordering the feed- after all, obviously they can't get it in the first place.

I've been getting the run around on this feed for three weeks now. We're down to half a bag, so we'll be needing to get new soon. If they don't have it this time, then mark my words, that's it- over, finished, kaput- I will be finding someone new to take my business, and my referrals, to.

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truluv said...

You're very lucky to have Purina rabbit pellets. We do not even have Oxbow here. All we have are some crappy local feeds that may have caused so much rabbit deaths. I had to import Oxbow from a neighboring country. Just imagine my agony. Thank God, someone's finally bringing some rather good brands in soon.