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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mocksville Show


So as you gathered from the last post, there was a fear of snow and ice for the Mocksville show. I admit, as we sat at Tim's granny's house in Maiden, I felt a small bit of worry. The precipitation was supposed to start at 6 am. But ahh well, we'd come this far and so we decided to go anyway in the morning and keep an eye out.

Upon waking at 6:30 that morning, the first thing that struck me was the decided lack of wet stuff- in fact, it didn't start doing ANYTHING until after noon!

However, the damage had been done. It was estimated that half the entries didn't show up- I suspect that is entirely too optimistic. It was definitely one of the quickest shows I've ever been to, though the mini lops had a strong showing!

It was a "eh" show for us, as I suspected it might be. All of our rabbits were strongly in the top half of the class though, with the exception of one "blip" on the radar, where a doe was dismissed because of tendency to chew on wire. She wasn't DQ'd, she just wasn't considered, pretty much at all, in the judging because of her strange looking tooth. Ahh well, maybe she'll get that 3rd leg next time, as she did place very well in one of the shows.

Our highest placing was second! We've gotten spoiled with our placings, but I have to say, considering the quality of animals at the show, that's not a disappointing placing at all! Plus, there is always next time- that's why we show more than once!

We all seemed to have our problems though- it was apparent that winter had been very up and down, based on coat or flesh condition on the animals. I think rabbits that normally have more of a fullness to the body suffered somewhat and it was evident in the shows.

I sold three rabbits and delivered a few for Malena. I have to say, it's nice looking around and seeing my empty holes! Though- it does feel a little odd. I kept looking around thinking I had forgotten to unload someone.

I enjoyed getting to talk to everyone. I'm off to sit and digest the comments I got on the rabbits and try to plan some breedings.

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