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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jersey Wooly Nationals!

Joni from Lyle Creek Rabbitry came up and rode with us to Ohio on Friday. We hit some MASSIVE rain storms- what a mess!

Saturday and Sunday were both long, tiring days. I don't know what it is about showing that just wipes you out! We did manage time to see the Kentucky Derby run on Saturday though :).

I was so thrilled to see my RH friends! I got to meet a few new folks, which is always a good time. :) We even got to spend a little extra time with Melanie and Leeane at Lil Bit Farms and I managed to bring home two wooly netherlands to go with my herd, as well as a wooly from Amber at Wonder Woolies- I'm THRILLED!

As for results-


Keep's Tryon- Shaded Sr Buck: 2nd
Keep's Durham (sub for Burlington)- Shaded Sr. Buck: erm... DQ'd for no apparent shading. >.<
Keep's Chapel Hill- Shaded Jr Doe: 2nd
Keep's Taylorsville-Shaded Jr Doe: 3rd
Hamilton's Stewart- AOV Sr. Buck: 6th

Keep's Tryon- Shaded Sr Buck: 2nd
Keep's Durham (sub for Burlington)- Shaded Sr. Buck: 6th (lost on maturity and coat!)
Keep's Chapel Hill- Shaded Jr Doe: 3rd
Keep's Taylorsville-Shaded Jr Doe: 6th
Hamilton's Stewart- AOV Sr. Buck:4th

I have to take the time now to wave goodbye to Hamilton's Stewart, Keep's Ash, HF's Bartholamew, Keep's Zephrim, Keep's Taylorsville and Keep's Burlington, all of whom went to new homes recently :(. I'm gonna miss all these guys. Thankfully I have brothers, sisters, or offspring who still live with me, so they aren't completely gone.

Thanks SO much to Brandi and Pete, who babysat Dixie for us while we were gone- she misses her buddies. I think she'd have happily lived with them for a while.

Keep's Rabbitry

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