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Monday, May 11, 2009

Our babies and woolies!

I don't post nearly enough pictures, so I thought I'd share a few of a pair of my wooly does and several of the Keep's litters coming up!

Keep's Angel- Sable Point Sr. Doe. This girl is a PAIN to try to pose. She's so nice and wide, but goes a bit flat over her topline. I can't wait to breed her to Forest! WHEEE :D. Sorry her pic is a little... shiny lol.

Trying to do this myself. See my blown over hutch in the background?

Keep's Dreamer! She's such a ham.

Can you tell she's related to my boy Forest?

Barbi's rotten little broken black tort baby, who ruined my shot lol.

Constant Comment's babies in their holding box while we cleaned their dirty, dirty nestbox. They'll be out and about soon!

"Calm Black One", Tim's favorite Barbi Baby.

Vixen's three black babies, and her foster baby. The white belongs to Ebunny :). They are VERY popcorny little creatures.

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