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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Genetic Blank Slate

I have a friend that is a very successful mini lop breeder. He was telling me about a doe he has- a beautiful doe, but she produces what she's bred to- which can be good or bad. For all intents and purposes, she's a genetic blank slate!

This girl was bred to a buck that matched her faults perfectly- he needed a bit wider head and a fuller HQ, she could give the babies these things. The babies that were born- ICK! They all had weenie heads and bad HQ.

When bred to a *VERY* nice buck, she threw *VERY* nice babies! She continued throughout her breeding career only producing what she was bred to.

Isn't it interesting? I often sit around and wish for a blank slate doe. How I'd LOVE to be able to pretty much replicate several of my bucks. However- I wouldn't be able to improve those nagging little imperfections the bucks have. I guess that makes it a doubled edged sword.

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April said...

That's so interesting. I kinda wish I had a doe like that.