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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Proposed Changes to the Wooly Standard

I got a ballot in the mail today, asking me to vote on the proposed changes to the Jersey Wooly Standard.

I have to say, there are several I agree with- the wording about the Chinchilla coloring is contradictory.

I agree with allowing juniors to have a softer coat than a senior, under the Density change. Judges do seem to expect perfect adult coats on 3 month olds.

I'm a bit concerned over the change to ear description where a severe fault is ears "carried in a wide V". Tryon is a very nice animal, but when he's extremely nervous he does tend to splay his ears. My concern would be the "Holland syndrome" where 95% of judges don't give hollands (or in this case, woolies) the chance to relax and allow their ears to return to a more natural pose.

I'm also concerned about the proposed points change- it removes 1 point from Texture and 4 points from density (HALF!), to add points to head and ears. Are we going to become a breed that values a big head over quality wool? They are WOOLIES after all. In this new points system, COLOR is worth more than both Density AND Length to the wool! I don't know if the 5 point change is worth it, to have the quality of wool go down in favor of head and ears.

By the way, what is the worry over the heads? Are we trying to prevent them from becoming Netherland Dwarf heads, or trying to make them become that way?

The reason given to this change is to "emphasize the need for the proper coat texture." Hm- how does reducing texture points emphasize the need for correct texture?

I just fail to understand.

I'm planning on voting AGAINST the changes to point allocation and against the changes to the ear description.

Please check Susie of Wooly World Rabbitry's blog to see her views.

Keep's Rabbitry


Susie said...

LOL JW SOP Propositions- FAIL.

THANK YOU for posting this on your blog. I'm debating attacking JW List next... hm... I don't feel very safe doing so though, but I really would love to hear how others feel about this! Or maybe just get some valid excuse? I dunno both sound good to me! :P

Keep said...

I'd LOVE to know why these changes were proposed! I really don't feel there is enough explanation at all.

ThreeLittleLadiesRabbitry said...

Can't wait to see our ballot. Sounds like an interesting discussion!

Keep said...

Oh it's wild! I just- really wish there had been a letter of explanation as to where this even came from!