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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Oh wow. I've completely forgotten how UGLY babies can get! My three Barbi babies are suffering from long everything right now :lol:. I finally got them sexed- the black and broken black tort look like does, the broken black looks like a buck!

I got my first impression on the bodies of Godzilla, Shelby and Sylva, my oldest wooly baby does. I'm REALLY liking the width on Godzilla's body! Her head and ears are very promising and she's got a gorgeous color and coat. Unfortunately, I think she's lacking in the lower HQ. We'll have to see how she develops. Shelby is a beautiful doe all around, with the exception of her ears right now- they are a touch long for my taste, but again, uglies! Her sister Sylva is a bit smaller than Shelby and also is looking very promising- she is definitely going to be much smaller than the other two girls.

Thankfully, I will have some cage space, so I won't be making any decisions just yet on who goes and who stays- especially with the hollands!

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