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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Supplemental Greens

I'm going to be adding supplemental greens to my herd! I know some folks do an all greens diet and I just don't think that would work for my dwarf show herd- they need a higher fat content to keep them in show prime, though I've heard all green works very well for meat rabbits that are going from the cage to your plate.

I picked my three "test" rabbits- Hamilton's Smoothie, Hamilton's Finale and WWR Little Steps. All three of these rabbits are super picky and survive on what seems to be 6 pellets a day. I figured they'd be a great way to start my test run, since I've been worried they need to get more nutrients anyway.

I started them off with a handful of hay, and a large piece of dandelion leaf. I'll be increasing it daily and of course, pellets will be available to them. This way, I can see how it affects several rabbits and I can decide on my course from there- one is a brood doe, one is a show buck and one is a middle-range junior.

I picked the dandelions and washed them off, then laid them out to dry, so they weren't wet when they got them, and all three rabbits went nuts- they were definite fans!!

If I note a better coat or condition on these animals thanks to the greens, I'll probably start supplementing the entire herd.

As I increase the amounts and varieties I'll be posting more information!

Keep's Rabbitry


April said...

I'm glad you decided to go with the varied diet. My rabbits LOVE it. Like I said, I have one rabbit who won't touch his pellets until the greens and hay are gone.

hopnlops said...

*rolls eyes* Geez....those stubborn, picky Hamilton bunnies!LMAO

I hope they perk up for you ;)

Keep said...

hehehe, Oh man, I've already seen results! Last night ALL three rabbits cleaned their food bowls. None of the three have done that since I got them!!

Hehe Malena, quit breeding snobby rabbits! (Almost put snotty, then realized someone would misunderstand LOL!)

April said...

Yay for improvements!