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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I wormed some of the rabbits last night. Mostly, I took care of the ones that aren't pregnant, on litters or clinging to enough of their coats that I could possibly show them this weekend.

I don't worm very often. I know some breeders never do and others have them very tightly on a 6 month schedule, switching wormers to keep the wigglers from becoming resistant.

Me personally- It's probably been a good year and a half since I've done any worming. I like to use Ivomec and put on the skin. It's easier to do than trying to force the bunnies to drink it from the syringe and as my friend Billi pointed out, it's a lot harder to overdose them topically!

I'm hoping the worming finally helps blow out Tryon's coat, as well as some baby coats that a few young seniors are stubbornly clinging to. I'll probably try to get on an 8 month worming system or so, now that I'm giving more fresh grass and greens as treats and supplements. When rabbits spend time on the ground or are shown heavily, they are much more likely to end up getting worms!

Keep's Rabbitry


April said...

It's a really great point you made about rabbits picking up worms. I'm considering a worming schedule. I wonder what it would do for meat rabbits?

Keep said...

I know a lot of wormers tell you not to worm them within x amount of time of butchering. I'm tempted to say 2 weeks, but it seems like it may even be longer than that. Definitely check the bottle and if you worm, try to time it on the doe before you breed her each time- that way by the time the babies grow up enough to cull, you're in the clear.

Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

This is another superb piece of information. I use Ivomec too and normally just a few drop off the needle of a syringe just behind the ears. Mind sharing dosage and where do you normally apply?


~Kayla said...

I use cat wormer. You can put it on top of your rabbits feed. My bunnies love it, and have no promblems eating it. April: I raise meat rabbits, and I give them wormer, and it doesnt reflect the meat (but I use cat wormer). Just thought I would post my opion. :)

Keep said...

I normally try to follow the 1/10 cc per pound of body weight rule. I've been told even that is too much to give orally (though many breeders swear by it!), but topically it should be fine- especially because fur and wool will steal a bit.

I like to put it right between the shoulder blades, just like I do when I put flea medication on the dogs :D.

Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Thank you both so much for sharing. Really appreciate it.