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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Strange Happenings

STRANGE things are going on in my rabbitry. I've got a doe pulling fur like no one's business- she's not even due for another two weeks.

I've got a doe that is 3 days over due, that has pulled herself almost bald with lining her nest. No contractions, no distress, nothing. I can't even tell if she's pregnant.

I've got a doe who I thought I felt a baby in, who made a beautiful nest and has since destroyed it and eaten most of the hay- but still feels pregnant and is 4 days over due.

I've got a doe that has sort of nested and pulled a tiny clump of fur 3 days ago, and made no move since then- also very overdue.

I've had very few retained litters in all the years I've been breeding, so I'm confused over why now! I suppose that today, I'll go through and anyone 5 days or over will get rebred. That will hold true for all the does, unless they seem distressed and I have to intervene. ERGH!

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