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Friday, April 3, 2009

A Litter Born

I can't believe it- I actually had a litter born here today. Lil Bit Farms Zora kindled three holland babies. Unfortunately, I think all three are peanuts, but this marks the first time in nearly a year that holland babies have been born here! I'm ecstatic. Zora made a very nice nest in her nestbox and pulled plenty of fur- she's going to be a GREAT mom.

It seems like it's almost too much to dare to dream, but two of my wooly does (four are due on the 5th) are nesting. One of them, Wooligans Raleigh, is a doe I VERY, VERY much want to get another litter out of. She's had two for me- both her sons have done well on the show table, Tryon even placing at Convention. The other girl, Wooligans Leesa, threw me the adorable Burlington son I have. I had worried Durham wouldn't be able to replace his father, but he's looking better and better every day.

I just can't bring myself to hope I'll get a 50% success rate though! Not yet.

The wind has been blowing incredibly hard- it's knocked over my outside hutch for the second time- this time it actually flipped it 180 degrees.

Thankfully, I don't put the girls outside unless it's warm and no more than a light breeze is blowing. I also take them in at night- so far, this has proven to be the smartest course!

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