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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fly Problems

Summer is coming soon- though you sure can't tell it here today- it's freezing cold and rainy. Blegh.

Anyway, with summer comes flies and where you have animals, you have fly problems! Last year, we tried the Fly Predators.

I can't recommend this. Or rather, I can, but I won't.

We definitely didn't have nearly as many flies. However, we did have these small, winged, BITING bugs. I know the literature says that fly predators won't bother people and I'm not disputing that. All I know is something flourished where there were no flies- maybe it's something the flies normally ate or destroyed. Regardless, we were bitten multiple times by the little bugs that hung out in the rabbitry in lieu of flies. We didn't have any of them the year before, so I dunno where they came from, but I'll take the flies, thank you very much!

I guess we'll go back to our old standby of fly strips this year.

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