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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Triumphs and Disappointments

So many triumphs in rabbits- first litters, first sales, first class wins...if we're lucky, BOB and BIS. So many disappointments too- peanuts, faders, deaths of all kinds in our animals, failure to place, failure to get the animals bred.

Yesterday was a day of triumph for me, as Keep's Burlington took a BOB in Show A and Keep's Forest took BOSB in Show B- along with several class and group wins. I came home to find the holland babies still alive and one actually showing some plumpness to it that marked it as a runt, rather than a peanut.

Today is a day of diappointment. The peanuts died and the runt chilled, the whole litter gone. Empty nestboxes from the does that are due today.

Still, it's not without hope. Two of the four have made burrows in the hay. The holland doe has been started and proven herself to be an excellent mother, even though her babies are gone.

Maybe it's because it's spring.....but things are looking up. :) I'm so happy.

Keep's Rabbitry

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Kelsey said...

Going through the same thing right now. Whole litters lost for no reason that I can tell. But then something awesome happens, and you remember why you love the hobby so much.

Good luck with the upcoming litters, hope that they kindle for you soon!