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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A New Day

I hope everyone had an interesting April Fool's Day! I played a few tricks myself and happily avoided the gullibility that strikes people on April 1st.

The owner of the Rabbit Habbit Forum told everyone we were going to be known as "Bunnie Talk" and made a truly hideous banner for when we moved to the new forum. Ahhh, that entertained me to no end :). Many folks fell hook, line and sinker for it.

Laurie Stroupe at The Nature Trail Rabbitry informed readers that she had written her last blog. You'll all be happy to know that she did post a new blog today lol. Very clever though, it had been a while since she had written a blog :).

It's beginning to get warm here. I'm already marking a few brood does/bucks in the wooley herd that will have a date with the dog clippers once the weather turns more consistent. I "shear" a few of the woolies simply to cut down on grooming time in the herd, and to have less wool floating around when they blow their coats. The hollands and mini lops get to dodge the clippers, lucky guys!

I wanted to thank everyone for the support with the blog-stealing issues. One person did contact me and apologize, which impressed me and I really appreciated. :)

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