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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Price of Free

We just came in from cleaning cages. Actually, we were more of forced in to cleaning the cages today.

Someone wanted to get bunny poop- fine! We give it away, no problem, we thought we'd just set a time up over the phone.

No- they show up while I'm in the shower. Tim hasn't even gotten to shower at this point.

So, he proceeds to go outside and have to dump the cages for an hour. To be fair, the pick up person did scrape them in to his buckets. Then this person gets a little irritated that he didn't dump ALL the cages for him. I'm sorry, shavings cost money. If they don't need to be cleaned, they don't get cleaned. Not for you, not for anyone else. Nevermind this is Tim's day off, and I don't have to work today, and we had plans. No, just come on over when you feel like it.

It amazes me how demanding people are, especially of free things.

Has anyone ever given away a free rabbit? I have. I find these people are more demanding than the folks that buy their pets.

Example- I posted a free rabbit I was helping someone rehome. I was bombarded by emails, and most of the time it was "What comes with it?". Excuse me- go to a pet store and buy the $40 rabbits there- you won't get any extras with that one! Why do people expect to get a cage, feed, shavings, water bottle, toys and a few gold nuggets?

Ahh well. I'm feeling a bit irritable at the moment. That happens when people try to take advantage of me. Unfortunately, due to certain politics, Tim couldn't have just told this person "go away and come back later."


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