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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Baby News

I've got several pieces of Baby News!

I sexed my pair of holland babies- 1 buck and 1 doe! EEEEEEEEK! It couldn't have been more perfect :).

The little broken sable point is my doe. She's also the one that has been suffering from head tilt. I'm THRILLED to announce that she seems to have made a full recovery! I can't express how happy I am to go out there and see her looking at me, without a tilted head :D.

Our barn cat gave birth to one kitten yesterday! Yep, one kitten. We've got a home for it if it's a girl, and a home if it's a boy. YAY! :). It's solid black, though Mischa, the mother, is solid white. Hmm... I think we have a hint about it's Daddy! lol

I guess I owe everyone pictures? Well...you'll just have to wait :-p. I don't have any yet, haha.

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