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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's Spring- I think

It's Spring!

At least it is according to all the bunnies in the barn furiously shooting their coats out. The tall, tall grass and the beginnings of fly season also seems to indicate that it's spring.

Then why did it snow here two days ago? Sigh.

My second set of Convention breedings will be starting soon. In fact, I had planned on starting them already, but decided to wait a few days to give the girls from the first round an opportunity to go over. After all, with a limited amount of nestboxes, I'm going to have to take them away from the first does and put them immediately back in to use.

I am planning on devoting a small part of our garden to growing bunny treats this year. After all, they did work so hard this winter to provide fertilizer. I'm going to do a mix of veggies and herbs. I'll get the list up once I have everything in the ground!

I'm still considering getting a pair of meat rabbits, for private use. I wish I had someone to butcher them for me though, if you know of anyone in my area, let me know :).

I've finally decided to sell Smooth Mover, my shaded herd buck. I've had so much interest in him, it's overwhelming! Of course, first person to tell me they want him, gets him (pending deposit, of course). See his ad in the post below.

There were some issues with several links on my website working, they should be in order now though :)

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