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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For Sale-


FFR's Smooth Mover, aka "Pocket Wooley"- a smoke pearl tiny senior jersey wooley buck. His head is AMAZING, especially for his size, he's a nice short little buck.

Mover is in pretty much every shaded rabbit's pedigree that has been born here lol. I think it's time to move him on. He's so small, and I love it! Throws beautiful, big headed babies, I had a pair out of him both win their classes at 2 months old.

He's hard to keep in coat, though I haven't had this problem with any of his offspring. He also wheezes, and has every since he was shipped to NC. He's got clear eyes, never had discharge, we've never had a sick baby out of him, etc., etc. He's just wheezy lol. He doesn't pass the wheezy on either.

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