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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Outdoor Play Pen

I have two pet rabbits I'm looking for homes for- 1 is a Cal buck and 1 is a Chocolate Dutch buck. Please contact me for details, they are both BABY DOLLS! And amazingly, at 6 months old (ish) they live together in harmony!

Anyway, we let these two guys out to run in an outdoor play pen I set up. They had a great time! I think we're going to mow the playpen area about once a month and let special bunnies play out there (with supervision of course).

Our pen is large enough the pair of bucks were able to binky to their heart's content, plenty of clean grass, digging opportunities, and then fence kept them in. Plus, the dogs got to run with the bunnies (on the outside of the fence, of course) and there were several nose-through-wire encounters.

We had a little heart attack when Mr. Dutch escaped the pen, luckily he's so tame we were able to usher him back in and get the trouble spot taken care of!

It's hilarious to see the rabbit trails they've created in the semi-tall grass. The big holes in the yard- not so much fun. But that's ok, they are fertilizing as they go, so the holes will be filled in soon enough.

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