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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


A breeder on Rabbit Habbit just had her first litter a few days ago. Well- her rabbit had the first litter born in her rabbitry, I guess I should say.

It's so cute- I love the excitement folks get out of their very first litter. It makes me think back to my very first. Oh I was obsessive, checking the doe constantly! She missed the first time, OF COURSE, but I got a litter the next time. I still get a little thrill when I go out and see a fluffy nest, with babies nestled in it.

Tim & I still rush around yelling for each other when the babies "have eyeballs" at 2 weeks old. He begs to hold them and snuggle them, pretty much from birth. We have to make sure we don't disturb the nest too much, so any playing with them while they are teeny tiny is done together.

She's having some problem with her doe not wanting to feed the newborns. Ahh...I remember that too. And the pain of losing your first baby or first litter. When my very first baby, Solitaire, died I came very close to just giving up then. Hopefully her doe will get her act together very soon.

Enjoy your litters guys :). The thrill never goes away for me. I hope it hasn't for you either!

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