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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Second Round of Convention Breedings!

I'll be doing my second round of Convention breedings soon!

Oh I'm so excited! I've go so many nice matches I want to make, I'm kind of torn as to who I should breed to who!

As I was feeding today, I would look at a particular doe and think "Hmm, if I breed you to Buck 1, I can get a doe and breed her to buck 2, and then breed her daughter back to Buck 1, then to buck 3..." These poor girls! I'm planning 4 generations out! Of course, it will depend on what faults I need to fix, so that will keep me calm and not going nutso with excitement.

I'm really lucky in my hollands right now. I've got a beautiful TINY buck with NO shoulders, who is an absolute brick. He's for my BIG girls and anyone with shoulder issues.

I've got a good mid range sized buck with BONE and MASS and a KILLER head. Just need to bring his crown the tiniest bit forward and add a tiny bit to his HQ.

I've got a larger buck with a perfect crown, enormous head, good HQ- but he's a little long. Hmm- a daughter from my tiny buck mixed to him? I'll have to write that down!

I have a last buck who is beautiful. He just recently gained his GC! He's got a lot of everything I want, and he's only going to get better.

I've got all the parts I want, as well as some nice ones that overlap. No horrible anything on these bucks, and the lines mesh REALLY well.

Thus- I'm torn! All my rabbits should mesh really well- so how do I decide who to breed? Unfortunately, I haven't really mixed any of these rabbits before, so I don't know for sure what to expect! I'm just moving forward with my herd as best I can. If I get good Convention rabbits, then yay. If I get animals that are better suited for brood, well- at least I can breed them and fix the faults I hope!

On a sad note, my little sable point's head is tilted again. We're still treating her, so I hope she gets better :(.

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