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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Taylorsville, NC Show

For the first time since I began showing, I find myself not eager for the show this weekend! Oh no!

Of course, it may have something to do with the fact I'm still barking (coughing) after getting the plague at the last show. I'm trying not to bring the same rabbits I brought to the NC Convention. Some were stressed out and some I'm currently trying to breed. Plus, one just made the jump from junior to senior and I don't think he's quite ready for big boy competition.

Right now, I've got four rabbits going to the show that need their final leg. Oh, if only! I'd love nothing better than to come back and tell everyone they granded, but I'm going to try not to get ahead of myself.

I think we'll take it easy this show. I'm only showing two breeds and the numbers will be down from the amount we usually show. I'm a little disappointed with my juniors, but one has been chewed on, the other is tiny and the final baby is way too small to compete right now! No point in wasting the entry fee, really.

I'm mostly going to sell a few mini lops and the rat babies. I will have a beautiful, older mini lop buck looking for a nice pet home, if you think you might be interested, please let me know! He's a broken lynx. He will NOT come with his pedigree.

Ahh well, we shall see what happens! I am going to begin breeding for Convention! How exciting! I just hope I finally get some juniors out of this :).

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