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Monday, March 31, 2008

Convention Breedings and updates

If you're going to Convention, or even if you're not-


:D Can you tell I'm excited? We finished our first round of breedings today, with a nice mix of woolies and lops. I'll be palpating in two weeks and starting my second round of breedings then, with some tough choices ahead of me! Everyone keep their fingers crossed for full nextboxes!

If anyone is interested in Convention transport, please contact me whenever, we will have room to carry or bring back rabbits for a small fee.

Anyone interested in Keep's Convention rabbits, you're welcome to get on a waiting list now for a certain breed (I can keep you in mind for a buck or a doe, but I don't take "orders" because I've yet to figure out how to plug in litter size, sex and colors into my does at conception). Don't worry though, you can definitely wait until closer to Convention time, I'm not anticipating a huge rush on the waiting list just yet. :).

For those of you wondering, the little broken sable point with wry neck is doing well! She seems to be recovering somewhat, her neck is still tilted, but not to the same degree that it was! Wednesday she'll get another treatment with Ivomec. The last half of this week is when I'm really hoping to see an improvement with her.

I'm considering switching feeds yet again. I am not liking the condition on my rabbits with Manna Pro. They are bony, despite the same amount of food! Two I know are feed diggers, so I'm working on them now, but the others are just losing flesh. *sigh* It's looking like we may go back to Purina.

I'm planning on a barn-wide worming in the next few days, just because it's been a while and it can't hurt!

I'm not sure if I announced this before, but our barn cat is pregnant (doh...we're so used to ours being spayed and neutered it didn't occur to either of us that Mischa might not be!). So, if you're looking for a mouser, let us know. She's an excellent hunter and I have no doubts that her kittens will be as well! Plus, I'll love you forever if you take a kitten :D.

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