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Monday, March 17, 2008

NC Convention

Wow- all I can say is it was a frustrating few days. Not really because of results, but because I felt the show was poorly run and the rabbits were stressed out and grumpy. I greatly appreciate the folks who run shows, but I heard the same frustrations echoed all over the showroom.

BUT- I've decided this blog is going to concentrate on the good things at the show.

I showed Keep's Future. I was scared to death to put him on the table. He's a solid senior holland buck who is under a year old. Anyone that breeds hollands can probably see why I was worried. Let me add in that he's also tiny. We're talking 2 1/2lbs. However, under Allan Ormond, he placed 4th of 10, with beautiful comments. Allan is a judge that I really respect- he gave great comments, told you what was wrong, why it was wrong, how to evaluate it yourself- and he loved the senior bucks, both broken and solid! I believe it was he who said any rabbit in either class could have won, the competition was that tight. So I really am thrilled with my little Future. He did well in his second show as well, bringing in 6/12.

I have completely lost my voice thanks to talking to all my bunny friends. I missed a couple of you, or didn't get to chat as long as I wanted and I'm sorry about that.

I got to spend the night with Joni and see all her bunnies! Especially Samson, Future's dad and my greatest selling mistake LOL! He's spoiled rotten though, so I can get over it :). Thanks SO much to Joni for letting me borrow water bottles and feed- I came home to find my bags sitting by the door in the kitchen, forgotten and sad.

Unfortunately I scratched my junior buck Forest (JW) from the second day of showing. He didn't drink at all from his bottle the evening before and was dehydrated. I didn't want to take a chance on him not feeling well, so we gave him a crock (again, thanks Joni) and let him hang out.

I sold the lionheads, the black holland buck, and Forest's dad Elm! And I only brought home- um...5 rabbits *ashamed face* But...but...yeah I have no excuses lol.

Congratulations to Joni & Malena for having an EXCELLENT show with their homebreds! I'm so happy for both of you :).

In good news, thanks to Trent's magical tickling, Abby is bred! WEEE!

Also thanks so much Trent for trying to teach my how to palpate! I'm going to go outside and squeeze on some does in a little bit. I'm still amazed I actually felt a baby!

I will have four mini lops for sale. Three are broken seniors (one has a leg) and one is a solid junior buck out of my BIS & BRIS winners.

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