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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Just Another Day in the Rabbitry

I made the rounds yesterday checking nestboxes. I'm happy to report that one mini lops has made a very nice nest (minus fur), one has kind of made a mess, but hasn't pooped in her box, and the third hasn't done much.

I did notice an odd nest that I am fairly sure I didn't intend.

I left the top off our box of hay- and as I went to grab a handful for the young juniors, I noticed a nest right in the middle of the box! What?! Who?! How?! Ah!!

Misha, our mouser, decided the hay was the comfiest place in the rabbitry, so she made herself right at home! Luckily she'd eaten all the mice that were freeloading off us, so they didn't help themselves too!

I closed up the box after using an old wooden pet bed to make her a place to sleep- complete with hay and a bottom layer of shavings. I had intended to strip it, sand it and re-stain it for use with the dogs, but she needs it more than they do!

After laughing at Misha for a few minutes, I resumed feeding. Houdini, a mini lop buck, provided the next laugh/heart attack.

I call him Houdini because we used to have his water bottle hooked on the inside of his cage. If Tim watered him first, he'd push his cage door open and jump out. I can only assume he was looking for food, because when I fed him before he got watered, he never left.

This time, I went to feed him before Tim watered him, and he hopped right out! Usually he doesn't move far, so I laughed, said "Houdini, you goober" (Goober being his brother's name) and finished feeding. Out of the corner of my eye, I see him make a beeline for the open door! OH NO!

Calling Tim, I circle around him as he heads around the side of the rabbitry. This involved leaping through the compost in the vegetable garden plot to get ahead of him. He hops right up to me and had no problem being scooped up and carried back inside! I guess he just wanted out to stretch his legs lol.

As I put him back, he tried to jump right back out. Luckily this time I was ready for him! Crazy rabbit.

So that concludes our two part adventure in the rabbitry :).

I just want to remind everyone to check out the yahoo group "Rabbit Shows" if you haven't already. We're up to 16 members but we can always scoot over and make room for more!

I do still have a longhair mini dachshund available. He's a black & tan male. Shoot, at this time, I may even consider trading him for rabbits LOL! He seriously is a beautiful little boy and very good about using his pee-pad! :D

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