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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Show

Wow, to begin with, the Taylorsville show today was TINY. I mean teeny tiny! Remember me saying I was going to try to sell some mini lops? I didn't need to bother, no one was there! lol

It was POURING rain this morning, and that rain stalked us to Taylorsville. The result was a very cold, very wet show. Unfortunately the roof in the building began leaking in various places, but nothing too bad.

Let's see- I was fairly pleased with the results my hollands got! HF's Bart I *believe* picked up his third leg! YAY BART MAN! He took BOSV. Zapp finished second in his class and Keep's Future got great comments, including raves from Lisa Young at Sugarplum Bunnies! Ah guys, it made me feel good to see her jaw drop when she saw his beautiful, strong shoulders! He's definitely going to be a huge asset to the herd :). Poor Zapp, he's about to molt out his head YAY!!

Latte, the only holland do that went, finished in the middle of her class. I think she and Future will have a date tomorrow :).

In mini lops, Keep's Basheba won her class- of course she was the only one IN her class. She lost BOSV to a little junior doe who already had four legs! The buck we took, Fatboy's ?, placed 3/3. I was with the hollands, so I didn't get to hear the results, sadly.

A GORGEOUS smoke pearl holland lop won BOSB. GORGEOUS. I wanted to mention it because he's a color lol.

We only stayed for Show A. Our litter of 8 rats is now down to just two blue boys.

I got to meet several new folks and talk to the old standby bunny friends :P. I'm sorry I was so tired guys! Getting up before 9am is never a fun thing in my book!

It was great to talk to you guys about wry neck and other rabbit afflictions. I appreciated the words of encouragement. Also, since I'm not dying of the plague any longer, I WILL UPDATE THE BLOG MORE :).

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