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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not feeling so well.

I'm feeling decidedly under the weather today. I think perhaps the two day show didn't just drain the bunnies. Luckily none of them appear to be ill.

Despite that, work still needs to be done. If it ever stops raining, cages need to be pulled for a thorough cleaning. I'm talking the whole 9 yards- pans dumped and scrubbed, cage wire scrubbed, wool burned off- devoting an entire day to cleaning.

Rabbits that are molting need to be brushed and blown out, nails need to be clipped, and of course, raining or not- sick or not-, they still need their food, water and lovings.

Babies need to be checked and counted. I have a pair that should be opening their eyes any day now. I've got the seven remaining mini lopper babies to keep snuggly and warm until they get a little older.

I've got new rabbits to check on, and all the show bunnies to watch, to make sure they are eating and drinking all right.

Luckily, if I feel really terrible, I can count on Tim to go out and take care of everyone alone, with a fair amount of grumbling and mock-hateful looks.

I've got breedings to plan, breedings to execute, sale rabbits to post. Will it ever end?

It must be getting close to Spring- and to Convention breeding time.

Well folks, I'm going to continue to shiver on the couch and contemplate jabbing myself with Pen G. It's what- 1/10th of a cc per body pound? :P. Perhaps not a good idea, but definitely tempting!

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